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Dressing Tips for A Shoot

Coordinate rather than matching each other (show individuality and sense of individual personality & style!)

No white sneakers with white socks

No logos or text on clothing

No NEON colors!!  They will reflect add their color to your face

No small patterns or pinstripes (distracting and often results in annoying moire)

Dress of casual "date night", for instance

Not too short of a hemline on dresses/skirts

Bring extra clothes to change into in case first choice outfit doesn't work

Ladies:  wear supportive undergarments like Spanx, it can do wonders in photos!

Guys:  empty your pockets!

If you plan to have an outdoor photo shoot, apply your bug/pest protection before coming to

the photo shoot.  It's nature.  And it's Kansas. 

Important:  Do NOT wear transition lenses to an outdoor photo shoot!  For eye glasses that are not 

glare resistant, we recommend wearing another pair without the lenses so you have the look of glasses, but no glare.

Parents:  Make sure the kiddos spit out their gum before coming to the studio 

Be sure to look your very best by doing some of the following ahead of time:

Manicure, pedicure (yes, sometimes we go barefoot!), eyebrows tweezed, facial, 

lip balm, & a quality MUA (Make-up Artist) & most importantly keep hydrated!

For seniors (or anyone!) with acne problems, have you ever tried kombucha?  A natural probiotic drink

made from fermented tea...start drinking daily and in a few weeks you will have clear skin! 

Don't get haircuts the day before, they always need a week or two to look their best

Don't force several wardrobe changes on kids, stick to 2 great looks and you'll keep the little ones happy

Make sure the kiddos are well fed and have super clean faces, hands, feet & clothing...

Remove their little bandaids before coming to the shoot and anything that can be distracting in a photograph.

Double check clothing to make sure it isn't wrinkled, we don't iron at the studio! 

Wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good!

Balloons, a homemade vintage quilt, or even a guitar are

wonderful ways to spice up a shoot and make it your own!